AHS “Horror” Knitted Bookmark

We love and appreciate American Horror Story in this house. I wanted to a) practice my fair isle knitting and b) make a little something for my partner. I’m quite happy with how it came out, but it’s only my second fair isle project and my first ever written out pattern! So let me preface this by saying that I’m sure there’s a billion ways to do this better than I have, please adapt / improve as you see fit. Mine came out about 15cm / 4cm. – Noah xx


Black yarn (DK weight or less) – less than a ball

White yarn (DK weight or less) – even less than that

4mm straight needles (US size 6)

Tapestry needle for threading ends in


Cast on – CO

Knit – k

Purl – p

Cast off – CO

Fair isle knitting – easy enough once you’ve started, you just choose which yarn colour you need for each given stitch. There are some long bars on the white yarn, just make sure you leave a reasonable amount of slack!


CO 42 in Black

Follow chart in stockinette:

Start bottom right with a knit row
Odd rows are knit, even are purl
Knitting chart for the word "Horror"

CO 42 in Black

Secure white threads on the Wrong Side

Weave in ends

Block the heck out of it, and having it in a book will help