Free Reads

This is where I’ll be hosting some short fiction for you to get a flavour of what I write. Do let me know what kind of things you’d like to see here!

Short Stories

An Unnatural History

Short Story | Horror | 3,500 words

The Horniman Museum and Gardens, Forest Hill, London.

When I first moved down to London, I did so fully expecting to find work at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington. Like many evolutionary biologists before me, that hallowed building sparked off an insatiable passion in my young self—a desire to totally comprehend the natural world and its mysteries.

A young biologist moves to London seeking museum work. At a job interview he finds himself embroiled in a vicious battle between the leadership and the underlings. But amid the indecent taxidermied specimens and the stolen tribal artefacts, who is threatening whom? A backwards director, a furious scientist, and an over-stuffed walrus…

Flash Fiction

The Accidental Gardener

Flash Fiction | Literary | 520 words


Content warning: Mental Health, Depression.

He bought a new houseplant every time he had a bad day. The habit started innocuously enough—a general sense of helplessness led to him buy a hardy shrub. Another blue day made him acquire a fragrant lavender. Realising he ‘wasn’t quite coping’ led to the purchase of a cascade of English ivy. On his darkest day he bought a succulent—one thing he could never kill.