The Way To The Stars

Hello humans! I’m Noah Medlock, and I write Weird Fiction—that’s science fiction and fantasy with a taste of the macabre. I’m interested in decentring the genre, focusing on queer characters, and treating ‘soft’ sciences with hard-scifi rigour.

soviet poster
I’m also putting up some short fiction here on the website, for free! Right now there’s a weird tale about the Horniman Museum…Have a look at my current work-in-progress here[it’s on its way, honest!]—it’s a sci-fi mystery with plenty of horror, both cosmic and personal. At its core, it’s the story of a young man being chewed up and spat out by academia. Along the way he discovers more about the ocean planet of Nacre than he had ever hoped to know. The question is, can he leave it behind when it starts destroying him?

The way to the stars is open. — Sergei Korolev

Thanks for checking out my shiny new website! It’s going to evolve a lot alongside me so do check back to see the changes. The best way to chat would be to follow me on twitter, where I’m @medlock_noah.

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